I‘ve been in love with photography since I got my first 35mm film camera from my grandfather when I was in high school. And I’m truly fortunate to have always made my living from photography. Most of my photojournalism experience comes from my 17 years as a photo editor at The Washington Post. I began shooting weddings in 2001, and left The Post in July 2010 to concentrate on weddings full-time — and focus more on my roots as a shooter. Ironically, now that I freelance for The Post my name appears in the newspaper much more than it did when I was a staff member. Look for my work on the food page on Wednesdays and sometimes in the Sunday Magazine for dining reviews! I approach weddings in the same way I covered news assignments. I want to tell the whole story of the day and be as unobtrusive as I can, letting the action happen rather than inserting myself into the proceedings. I’m looking for moments, emotion, action and details. My ultimate goal is to create beautiful photos — clean, uncluttered images, full of love and joy and featuring natural light whenever possible. I take the same approach my general event coverage and in portrait work. I prefer to shoot on location, in a natural environment. Posing for portraits can make anyone anxious, so my goal is to make things relaxed and fun and to let my subject’s personality shine through.